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Name:Hesam Malik Rahmani
Location:New York, United States of America

. Hesam Malik Rahmani .

This is a RolePlay Journal for Hesam from Heroes. Everything is fanmade and is not for any profit nor is it associated with Heroes, NBC or Assaf Cohen.

Hesam is the paramedic partner of Peter Petrelli, while they are working at Mercy Hospital. He doesn't have any abilities, has a healthy dislike of the serial killer Gabriel 'Sylar' Gray, and mainlines coffee. He's 35yro (in 2007), has a sister named Haleh and often considers 'dating' as his hobby.


+ Hesam's Wiki Page: HERE (canon info)
+ Information about how roleplay is run: Everything you need to know
+ A list of all verses Hesam is played in: HERE

If you are wanting to start up a verse or thread with Hesam, drop a comment: HERE


Both the player and the character are over 18.
Content includes: NC17, NSFW, Het, Slash, Incest, Gen, Zombies, slightly squicky situations.

حسام مالک رحمانی

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